jeudi, octobre 25, 2007

Who is in charge?

A friend wrote me today to say she wasn't a believing Christian anymore because of all the terrible stuff that happens in the world.

I need to ponder a bit before I write her back. She deserves that.

But I did wonder why the evil is so much more prevalent than the good-or is it that we give the evil more weight than the good? Or could it be that we don't see ourselves as lightbearing?

Possibly we don't take our own responsibilities seriously enough. AND perhaps we are so hurt by the horrible things that happen, because our souls know that we were designed to flourish in the light of God's goodness.

I grapple, as perhaps we all do, with such doubts. But I still believe there's a place for us Thomases in the Kingdom- and that God is in charge.

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Sue a dit…

Wow - I needed to read that this morning. When we went through our "desert," and emerged (have we emerged?) ripped up and shredded, we wanted nothing to do with God or the "church" either. But the funny thing is that no matter how much I ranted and raved, God wouldn't let go. There were times in my pain and grief that I actually WANTED God to let go -- it was too hard to be His child. Thankfully God doesn't always listen to us in those moments. :) Oh, the questions are huge -- why God would lead us right into the proverbial den of lions, etc. But the fact remains that He DID ... that won't change. It's moving forward (in faith) that's the hard part. But yes, there are definitely times when evil looks like it's got the upper-hand, especially when it's cloaked in "godliness" ... gotta love that.

Your post boosted me a bit, and I'm grateful. I don't believe in coincidences either -- this evening we're heading down to Virginia to meet with (Bishop?) John Guernsey. You know enough of things ... how d'ya like dem apples? :) Should be a very, very interesting conversation ... but I'm very nervous. It's going to bring up a lot of bad stuff. But your post today felt like a gentle pat on the back from God, saying it's OK. There's a reason for this too. Perhaps this is all part of the healing journey ...

I love your blog, and posts like these really hit home -- in a good way. Thanks.

Offcenter a dit…

Sue, I think most of us know what good is, and our souls hunger for that good. God has His hand on us, whether we know it or even wish it or not, as you said.

As for Bishop Guernsey-I think this separatism is as much about power as anything else. That's one of the scary things-having all these men suddenly decide they are called to be bishops. Do you need a purple shirt to be a leader? In addition, I suspect they'd ditch ordained women in a second if they had to-those that are OK with ordained women.

Sue a dit…

Your reply made me smile. :) Yes, this will be one interesting conversation. Sometimes I think, more and more, that I kind of like having my husband install home theaters. T-shirts and jeans are far more comfortable than a collar, in more ways than one, I'd suspect! :)

Have a lovely weekend!