vendredi, octobre 12, 2007

Congrats, Al

A long time ago, when I was a stringer for a national news service covering an environmental conference, one focused on faith and the enviroment, I walked up to ask then Senator Gore a few questions. Hearing his voice on NPR (an interview Terry Gross did last year when 'An Inconvenient Truth won the Oscar) brought back Gore's almost fatal earnestness, the sense he conveys that he's an A student talking to the gentlemen C's.

But over time, Gore's nerdiness has been leavened with humility and a wry sense of humor. Or perhaps they were there all along.

OK, so his house in Tennessee may not have been a showcase for green-he's trying to fix that. Yes, he's a multimillionare-how do you feel about Bono?

Gore has been in these vineyards a long time-and he deserves every accolade. It's not fun being the prophet standing at the gate when the gate was slammed in your face-but so it has been since the time of Hebrew prophets. I only hope Al Gore doesn't start taking himself too seriously. Occasionally, the class nerd can become Homecoming King-if only for an evening.

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