mardi, septembre 04, 2007


Acraphobia? Whatever the word for folks who fear heights, I've got it. I don't like driving much above 65-and rock-climbing just doesn't appeal to me.

In other words, when it comes to physical bravery, I'm not going to be the person you want to follow.

Although I'm a wuss when it comes to risking life and limb, I am an admirer of those who are willing to bend boundaries in the spirit of adventure.

That's why I felt sad when I heard that Steve Fossett, the wealthy aviator, had disappeared. In the old days, it was people like him who sailed to countries unknown, traded with their peoples, brought back knowledge, foods, science.

Happy was the adventurer who found wealthy benefactors.

Now the folks who used to send explorers out to find other peoples enjoy going out themselves. It's nice that Fossett is wealthy enough to do what he likes to do. It would be nice if others had the chances Fossett has-but then, do you want 100's of guys trying to break the sound barrier on land?

He has, at the least, been a fascinating man to observe-his adventures entertain those of us who love to read about those who have the money and time to do things we can't fit into our less thrilling lives. But I think he is more-a man who, along the way, reveals that we are often capable of doing more than we humans think we can. In the process, he teaches us a lot about how to be brave about using our imaginations, even if they take us to whiteboards in classrooms, or to planners at our offices, or to dinner with our kids.

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