jeudi, août 23, 2007

Gift, choice or virtue?

I wonder why some of us are able to empathize with others, and why some of us are not. I've had a chance to think about this recently, as I've observed others go through stressful events, and even had some occur myself.

There are people who have the talent of stepping out of their own context and imagining what it would feel like to be the other. But there don't seem to be that many people who can move from sympathy to empathy...

A tear shed for an abandoned cat or dog is easy-hearing an abortion rights person defend their position if you can't tolerate the idea of abortion is painful.

So empathy can be painful. Yes. And it is not, ought not cannnot be dispassionate.

Is empathy the same as emotional intelligence? What would Goleman say?

I'm guessing he would say that empathy is one part of the emotional toolkit-but it is not the whole kit.

Is empathy a genetic gift, a choice, or a virtue? Anybody's guess.

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