dimanche, juillet 15, 2007

"The Lost Queen"

We watched "The Lost Queen"-a documentary about Queen Hatshepsut, the woman who ruled as a Pharaoh. Her mummy has been lost for 3,500 years, and the Discovery Channel did a documentary on how a group of multicultural and telegenic archeologists solved the mystery (hope I'm not spoiling the end of the story for you).

I let Colin and Sian stay up until 11:00-it's just the kind of slightly mad behavior this mom indulges in occasionally. They may be very tired kids tomorrow-but it was educational!

I kept wondering, being a skeptical journalist, about the monetary relationships between the Cairo Museum and the station (I imagine the archeologists were just excited to be part of the show, but I'm not sure of that).

Apparently Discovery paid for a lab in which a lot of the genetic material could be analyzed-so did they get dibs on this incredible story? The Museum seems to be a center for tens, maybe hundreds of mummies, sarcophagi, and other historical material-how wonderful for them to have a lab. Does The Discovery Channel get the next huge story out of Cairo?

By the way, Colin in particular was glued to the screen. I must look at the Discovery Channel website to see what other time periods might be of interest to my thoroughly contemporary kids.

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