mardi, juillet 24, 2007

The Madness of Prince George

George Bush has been called dumb, arrogant, uppercrust pretending to be lowdown, a man without a core masquerading as an evangelical conservative. Has anyone thought to call him insane?

As we head towards a constitutional showdown under the guise of a confrontation over a spending bill, Bush shows no signs of being able to face reality. A National Intelligence Estimate recently came out that said the war in Iraq had drained so many resources that it allowed Al Queda in other parts of the world, like the border of Pakistan/Afghanistan, to strengthen itself.

Thus the insurgents now pose a bigger threat than before the start of the "war on terror". Against the evidence, Bush insists that Al Queda poses a great threat in Iraq-and that we are winning the war!

Against the evidence-that could be the epitaph for this frighteningly delusional President.

Global warming has not been proven-against the evidence.

Evolution is an unproven theory, not a fact-against the evidence.

The Iraqis have a viable government-against the evidence.

All children who need health insurance have it-against the evidence.

Congress has no voice in declaring war or deciding to end it-against the Constitution.

Here is a man who apparently cannot hear voices of dissent, even when they come from the inner circle of his own party.

What does that tell us?

Actually, it doesn't really matter. What matters is whether Republicans Senators who have spoken out against the war, who have spoken up for funding health insurance for children have courage, or are all about striking agreeable political postures. It take a lot of guts for members of the President's party to actually vote, not just speak, against him.

If they do, it may mean the pendulum has finally started to swing-back from the insanity which not only grips Prince George, but the country he claims to serve.

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