jeudi, juin 14, 2007

The Revolution of Species: Should Theists Take Atheists Seriously?

I think the answer is yes, when they are as brilliant as the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins-and as good-looking. If he's an example of natural selection, I'm going to give that evolution idea a second look.

What seems a little odd is how little sense of humor these gentlemen have. Perhaps, as in Christian and Jewish circles, there are inner sanctum in which anti-theists make fun of their own idiosyncrasies and creeds.

Although it gets irritating to be continually patronized as an ignorant bigot, perhaps we should turn the other cheek. We believers need to tend to our own flock.

I am particularly amused, and appalled, by the stats mentioned in the New Yorker by Anthony Gottlieb in his article on Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris, that merry band of brothers.

It may be worrisome to atheists that 44 percent of Christians believe Jesus will return within 50 years. But it should be more worrisome to Christians that 1/5 of non-Christians in another poll also think Jesus will return.

Jesus who?

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