lundi, juin 18, 2007

After Sian had an improper website pop up on the computer in our family room yesterday, I installed parental controls.

We were worried that somehow "Club Penguin" be banned in Glenmoore. What happened, of course, is that it was very difficult for anyone to get online. Sian forgot her password. Colin did not have a password. The computer wanted me to add an administrator. Who else is there in this house? The cat?

While I was inside I left the hose in my flower garden. The kids quickly took it to another part of the garden and the so called "mud hole." I can't remember what that was like when we bought the house, but now it is a refuge for all things muddy. Like my 12 year old daughter, dresssed in a tankini and six layers of mud. Sometimes she looks like a young Leslie Caron, a lovely hatchling. Sometimes she looks like a seven year old, pushing the hose under a pile of wet dirt, and waiting, with Colin and Tyler, to see the water push up the dirt and seep through the ground.

Come and see, Colin suggested as I pushed the lawn mower up and down in the humid air. So I did, enjoying the sight of children behaving like they have for centuries--dirty and wet and loving every filthy minute.

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gail-pilgrimage a dit…

Summer fun is so great.
I'm finally starting to wind down here at LBI.
But I can't quite picture myself all muddy...just yet.