mardi, mai 15, 2007

Vote with your mouth

The Republican candidate for Township Supervisor knows that one way to a person's vote is his or her stomach. Fortunately for Rob , the personable young man running for Supervisor on the Republican ticket, his good friend Brian (already a Supervisor...can you see where this is going?) runs the local general store and pizzeria. Sian and her friend Tyler headed right for the doughnuts and the sodas. I stopped to speak to the other candidate, Janet G (oddly enough, one of my ex husband's parishioners). Janet, who is serving out an unexperied term for someone else, seems to be the consensus builder and the independent on the Board of Supervisors.

As such, she got my vote-we don't need more FOB on the Board.

Janet didn't run as a Democrat. She probably would have lost some votes-although the numbers of registered Democrats and independents are growing here, as in other parts of Chester County.

Up until very very recently, the word "Democrat" was not uttered in good company in the township. Now, oddly enough, some candidates register themselves as both Democrats and Republicans. Political labels mean amost nothing here, which is one of the great things about this township. Saw M.-we had not spoken in almost a year. I told him he needed to vote for his neighbor, and he said he was thinking about it. I wondered tonight if he was being sarcastic. I was not particularly pleased with myself for caring one way or the other.

I asked one of Janet's buddies whether lots of people had been showing up to vote. She appeared pleased-and the traffic in the parking lot seemed steady. Maybe it was the doughnuts.

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