jeudi, mars 29, 2007

Pop culture corrupts-American Idol Corrupts Absolutely

What's wrong with a little corruption?

I surrender to corruption on a regular basis.

I was trained to read improving novels, and brought up to appreciate good food, but it doesn't come naturally.

So I say-Yes to the sleazy romance novels that compete with the improving volumes on spirituality and football on my bedside table. Yes to pop music with the car window down. Yes to regular makeover sessions at the mall, who do I feel like being today? Yes to the saucy wide-eyed grin and head toss targeting the hottie cyclist as I run by. No harm, no foul, he's already a mile down the hill.

And yes to Peeps. Oh my goodness, I love Peeps as much as my son Colin does. My ex once told me that he ran into a good mutual friend in the grocery store. Looking disdainfully at a package of the flourescent yellow chicks (or bunnies) she asked him who on earth would eat those. "My wife," he told her. And I'm not ashamed, which just shows how deliquent I am.

Are you corrupt? 'Fess up. What siren songs get you all hot and bothered?

About a month ago Sian and I gave up our movie night (temporarily) for American Idol. I gotta tell ya, I'm not at all sure that it was worth the sacrifice. That show seriously gets under my skin. The faux suspense, the smiles pasted on the faces of the contestants, the odious Simon and the vapid Sanjaya are beginning to tick me off. And when you start getting mad about something that's supposed to be fluffy and satisfying, if totally without nutritional value, why bother?

On the other hand, I got to see Akon last night. Sure, all he did was sing "uuu, uuu" as back up to Gwen Stefani, but that guy makes laid-back look incredibly sexy. Yeah, so "Smack That" is a little obvious, who cares about the lyrics? It's the beat that matters, isn't it?

So the jury is still out on American Idol. But I'm really looking forward to a visit from the Easter bunny...

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