jeudi, mars 22, 2007

Politics and Prayer

In the eating my words department-The Hillary attack ad is not some great generational gauntlet put up on YouTube by an anonymous Gen Y Democrat. Instead, it was the work of a Democratic operative, Philip De Vellis. Blue State Digital, his former firm (De Vellis confessed, then resigned) has ties to the Obama campaign. In fact, they apparently designed the campaign website. Nonetheless, this is a "pay attention" moment. De Vellis says he stole some Apple ad footage and used Apple technology to add a dash (smash) of Hillary to the mix. Look for a flood of these kinds of ads throughout the 2008 campaign. Most of them won't have footprints.

Elizabeth Edwards- Let's keep the Edwards family in our prayers as we await an announcement about Elizabeth's health and the future of John's campaign. Mrs. Edwards, an outspoken and courageous woman, has been undergoing breast cancer treatment. Knowing that she is in the public eye, she has been honest about the cost, but inspiring about how she has kept her spirits up. Whether Democrat or Republican, we can all identify with the anguish of a family in this situation. The Edwards are a neat couple-loving, down to earth, very close to each other. In the distorting world of politics, they seem fairly grounded in day to day reality.

John and Elizabeth Edwards have two young daughters, born after the death of son Wade in 1996. Daughters who need their mom.

What parent doesn't feel a shiver this morning? Be a prayer warrior for Elizabeth and John.

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