jeudi, février 01, 2007

Later rather than sooner

We're going interactive!

Well, we thought we were. My intention is to start posting some of the essayettes on this blog (the ones I think are half-way decent) as audio files as well as text files. I've joined a audio file sharing company which is supposed to post my files to the blog. Because I'm mildly technologically challenged, I haven't quite gotten them to upload my posts to this blog...nor do I have any idea as to whether there is an audience who wishes to hear them. But, as in many things in life, I leave that choice to you. Reading me might be more than enough, or maybe even too much sometimes...have a cup of tea, and go back to that novel!

By the way, I think that was a very cheap shot Fox News took at Anderson Cooper...or was it Paris Hilton they were trying to offend? What's wrong with SNAG'S (Sensitive New Age Guys)?After broadcasting false accusations about Senator Barack Obama having gone to an Islamic madrassa, Fox might want to look at some of its own reporters-and think about adding Ms. Hilton to its news staff.

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