mardi, novembre 07, 2006

Virtual communities-do they work for you?

In a lovely change from the endless round of political coverage (an addiction for political junkies like this PA bloggette), the New York Times included an editorial on marriage in today's paper. Arguing that marriages can't provide all of the social and psychological support that partners need, writer Stephanie Coontz asserts that friendship (the idea of a couple meeting all of each other's needs is relatively new) outside of marriage can make marriages healthier and promote personal growth. She refers to the growth of virtual communities to bolster her point that we are hungry for this kind of connection with people other than our partners. It was a wonderful article, full of common sense and historical perspective. But it also provoked me into wondering about this blog and whether it is meeting any needs, other than my own need to voice my opinions. I had hoped, when I began, that it would evolve into a community forum-that what I had to say would be provoking enough to elicit comments, and that a real dialogue between East and West Coasts, liberals and conservatives, religious and non religious would be inspired by readin these posts. Do I need to be more provocative? Or am I writing for people who are happy to be discreet rather than finding an immediate connection between mind and monitor? I am honored to see that I have regular readers in California and New Jersey and Pennsylvania-and intrigued to see that readers from France, Great Britain, and other countries happen upon my blog. I often wonder who you are, and what you find here when you take time from your normal lives. If you are reading, I imagine that the blog fills some purpose for you- I'd be very curious as to what that purpose is. I just wish that I could write something that would get under your skin, or inspire you, enough to jump in there and post an opinion. Perhaps your fire would illumine, encourage or even tick off somebody else, and get them to think about an issue more profoundly...I'm still eager for this to happen and hope you will think about adding your words of wisdom-after you go and vote, that is! Your virtual friend, relative, and opinion writer-Elizabeth

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C S a dit…

Wow, Elizabeth, nice new blog decor! Gotta love that! I wanted you to know that I really like your blog, and I think you are an excellent writer and that you evoke a lot of different feelings in what you write.

I have not been reading or blogging a lot these last months, because, frankly, I have been very depressed about my own circumstances and life, and so not real motivated to read or write.

One of the ways I gained readership was by finding blogs that were open-minded enough to read my blog after an invitation to do so; and, then I asked--based on their response--to include me in their list of frequented blogs. Joining blogrolls or blogrings with a certain bent, also helped because it sorts the blogs and then people can use it as an index for their interests. Maybe you might consider joining some Episcopal or Lutheran blogrolls to get you started because readership will grow from these humble beginnings.

I know I would like to know what you think about the new Presiding Bishop and the Church itself. If that's too personal, I understand.

I care about interrelationships too. I am a quality vs quantity person when it comes to frienships or personal romantic relationships as well. I discern you are too.
At this point in my life I have more friends on the east coast than I do on the west so the virtual emailing and telephone calls are what keep us together [as well as sharing pictures].

I think a lot of your opinion and so that is whay I list your blog on my list of favorite blogs :-).

Feel free to publish this or not, dear, but know you are a good writer and that people simply need to be given direction on how to find your work.


Catherine+ in Oregon