vendredi, novembre 24, 2006

Happy Penguins?

Colin got his copy of "Boys Life" in the mail today. The back was covered by an advertisement for the new movie "Happy Feet". The advertisement has a picture of a joyful penguin (I think it's supposed to be happy) on an ice floe. The caption reads" Step into Mumble's Happy feet as you belly sled, dance and swim through Antarctica on an amazing adventure." Ironically enough, this would be just the kind of movie I want my kids to see. A clean, educational, well-animated adventure? Who could ask for anything better? We could, that's who. It is both ironic and sad that as a movie company makes big profits off of a computer-generated ocean with fake ice floes, the real ones are melting, taking penguins and seals down with them. A recent article said that global warming has already caused the extinction of 70 species of frogs. Some species can adapt-many of those who live in the coldest climes will not be able to survive. For those of us who have children and those of us who care after the welfare of those who come after us, the choices are stark. Are we going to change our priorities, ditch our SUV's, turn down our thermostats and pressure our neolothic auto companies to make more fuel-efficient cars? Are we going to turn up the temperature under our Congress and the Administration until they start to feel a bit scared for their jobs? Is there still time to make a difference? What I find a little terrifying is the notio that the scientists themselves say that events are moving much faster than they had predicted. When I went running this afternoon, it was 64 degrees outside. Scaling the hills clad in shorts and a t-shirt, I reveled in the sunshine-and hoped that in twenty years my grandchildren would be able to sled, and ski and appreciate the loveliness of a hill clad in the icy beauty of winter.

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