mardi, octobre 03, 2006

Lies, Sex and Videotape

Sorry-when I wrote about Congressman Foley on Monday I hadn't thought about the possible "I am an alcoholic formerly molested by a priest" defense. This one probably puts anything former Gov. McGreevey admitted to shame. Faster than the speed of light, we have gone from the "covered-up" Mark Foley to the "naked" Mark Foley-and I find them both repulsive and horribly compelling. Actually, this is not the former Florida Congressman's fault-not entirely. In the head-shrinking (therapeutic and cannibalistic) world of American politics, Foley, his lawyer, and ABC News have thrown a whole pile of manure out for the public to sift through as it will-since "icck, go back to your cave, Foley" apparently is not an option. How prudish it sounds to say that if Foley was indeed molested by a clergyman (one assumes a Catholic priest, since he is Roman Catholic), then he needs to deal with his problems in counseling. The striptease with the American public is just another way in which he can cosset his craving for perversity..and ours. The phrase TMI (too much information) is clearly tailored for this age in which not only are secrets disgorged by anonymous bloggers, but they spill out from so many directions that readers are invariably forced into the position of journalists and editors. The fact that it seems newsworthy that Foley is "taking responsibility" for his own behavior doesn't begin to excuse it. The behavior of the House leadership is revolting beyond belief-its bad enough to view them as they prance around like bugs in quicksand. But we, too, end up feeling soiled, as though we were watching unspeakable acts through someone else's apartment window. Try not to watch the peep show! I dare you. If you can, I commend you. I watch...and read...and then, probably like Mr. Foley after one of his lurid escapades...I hate myself in the morning

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