jeudi, juillet 27, 2006

Connecting the Dots

A huge crack of thunder broke the silence of the night, and the rain poured down outside my window. The flashes of heat lightning seem almost constant...we twice lost power for about 30 seconds, but the lights seem to be staying on at the most of the folks in this area who are still up, my mind went back to last week and the storms that shook our power grid and brought parts of this five county area to a standstill. Close to a hundred people have died in California from a persistent bout of high temperatures. In Europe. where many don't have air conditioning, people are dying, too. Thankfully we don't have an enormous the moment! It baffles me why there is no national movement to enforce fuel economy, green forms of energy, emissions trading, and a general admission on the part of this Administration and its big oil pals that global warming is indeed a reality...and that we must do something about it! Can you tell how personal this is becoming for me? As a mother, I am becoming more and more concerned that my kids won't have a viable world in which to grow up. Maybe its time for us to start doing somethinga about it. Maybe doing something effective should begin...with me.

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