jeudi, juin 01, 2006

Who has more light?

This past week certain men in my life have been behaving in a vexatious manner, so please be patient with me. I suspect that there also are a couple of guys out there in southeastern Pennsylvania who are tearing their hair out over my behavior, morals or lack of them, and general propensity to provoke. They may even be the same guys who are making me crazy! I have made a bit of progress, however. I am not as prone to defend every position or fight every gender related battle as I once was. For example: in my past life (that is, a couple of years ago) I had this running debate with a friend over whether women were less logical than men. At first I put on my boxing gloves and invited him into the ring. Women were able to access logic and intuition, I argued heatedly. But after a couple of rounds, I realized that he would continue unchanged in his opinion, and he sure as heck wasn't about to change my mind (we women never change our minds when we are correct). If his notion was carried to an extreme, I'm sure that there would be implications. For example, if we had a whole society of men who believed that women could not behave logically, we'd never have women leaders. Since he is an advocate for women, and a very thoughtful guy in other areas, why waste time trying to lead him to "see the light?" Who the heck knows if I've got a clearer vision of the light than he does? I'm not arguing for relativism, as we so often do in the church, because we think that will appeal to agonistics or other non-believers. Instead, I'm appealing for a sense of mutual restraint and charity. Why on earth can't we behave more gently with our opponents in the Church? I've gotten to the point where I don't even usually argue with religious folks who are certain that they are glory bound because they are in a particular denomination, or have experienced a particular form of spiritual conversion. If it comforts them to think they are closer to God than the rest of us benighted heathen, I'm not going to try to reason with them. I've got enough sins to explain to God without taking on that of intellectual superiority. I just hope He doesn't expect me to be totally logical!

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